Mommy Lawyer

Practicing law is hard work, and being a mom is even harder! Are you a mommy and a lawyer? Are your children struggling to understand what you’re up to while you’re at work? Are you juggling a demanding career and little ones at home? Feeling guilty when you can’t be there for every special moment with your child throughout the day? If so, this book is for you!


Molly Bowen wrote Mommy Lawyer to teach her children about her career but, more importantly, to give herself and other mommy lawyers a tool to help children be more understanding and proud of the fact that they have a working mother.

After taking the time to teach them about her career through Mommy Lawyer, Molly discovered that her kids more supportive and less disappointed when she occasionally missed a special day at school or didn’t make it home in time to tuck them in. Mommy Lawyer not only provides children with a basic understanding of what lawyers do, it helps children see their working mother’s career in a more positive light.

If you’re a mommy lawyer trying to balance it all, Molly hopes this book will empower you and your family to engage about your career – and the challenges that come with it – in an effective and beneficial way.

Mommy Lawyer is the first of a series of children’s books dedicated to developing a more compassionate and supportive relationship between working parents and their children.

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